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A proper instructional experience depends on several elements, such as clear classroom instruction, hands-on practice, and well-designed training materials. Michael P. Walsh & Associates provides all three. In the print area, we can create instruction manuals, quick reference sheets or other reference items. These can be used in the classroom setting, or kept for review by your trainees. In particular, we can help you develop training materials for your proprietary applications, which may otherwise lack instructional documentation.

Or course, all such materials must be customized to their purpose and audience. Techniques can range from step-by-step instructions for specific procedures, to essay-like combinations of text and graphics to explain the background of certain operations. We can also assist you in finding the best approach to producing and distributing these materials throughout your organization.

This still leaves the problem of ongoing help to your end user. An often neglected tool is is the simple Help system. A well designed structure  of Help menus will answer user's questions on the spot. We can help you design and install a new Help menu system, including on-line help. These systems include interactive graphics and Context-Sensitive Help, which presents the correct information for the function currently being used in your application.

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