Michael P. Walsh

Michael P. Walsh, Principal of Michael P. Walsh & Associates, has spent nearly 35 years in technical and scientific education. Shortly after graduating from Northwestern University's prestigious School of Speech, he began a career in medical education, beginning with  Chicago's Rush Medical College. He then moved into the private sector, developing audio, video and multimedia training programs for physicians, nurses, and technologists. A skilled voice narrator as well as a print and audio editor, among his projects was the creation of an audio magazine program listened to each month by nearly half the dermatologists in the United States. He also worked with world-renowned specialists in Child Psychiatry, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology and Plastic Surgery.

In 1996 Mr. Walsh left medical education and began a career in classroom training in the exploding field of Information Technology. He has taught nearly 100 different application level classes over this time. He then moved into the more demanding area of Certification training, focusing on the Microsoft Curriculum for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. In this period he has earned certifications as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a Certified Technical Trainer, and a Linux Certified Professional. 

More recently, Mr. Walsh has split his time between classroom data training and the creation of end-user training materials. One major project was the creation of a comprehensive training manual for the Firestone Tire Company, to aid in the rollout of a new Point-of-Sale interface used in hundreds of auto-care centers nationwide.  He also developed a new Help menu system for that interface.

His returned to medical education by assisting NorthShore University HealthSystem in the Chicago area train its personnel in activating one of the most advanced Electronic Medical Record systems in the US, the Epic System. He helped create training manuals and job aids for the 7,000-plus medical professionals at NorthShore, as well as conducting training classes for the end users in both clinical and administrative areas. Along with these tasks he acted as a liaison between the end users and the technical development team, helping each group explain their needs to each other.

He makes his headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

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