Multi-Media Materials

Every educational situation is different. In some cases you will be able to have formal classes to teach a new application to your people. At other times you will need to quickly distribute information to offices around the country. Michael P. Walsh & Associates can help. We will take your new applications or functions and develop multi-media programs to demonstrate them to your people on their own desktop machines, either for groups or individually.

These materials can take several forms. The simplest is an interactive PowerPoint program using actual screen shots to demonstrate the flow of information. These can be downloaded to your offices or distributed by self-loading CD-ROM. Another possibility is a demonstration program using screen motion videos that show the application in action. These, too, can be distributed by a number of methods.

Our philosophy is to offer the client a solution, not just a product. We will work with your content experts in finding the most effective vehicle for your information, whichever technique is used. The result is a multi-media program designed to work best for you and your people.

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